The Trip – Day 8 – Toronto, Canada

Today we went for a walk in the Toronto suburbs. It was a beautiful sunny day and the snowy streets were even more beautiful than yesterday (maybe it was just because I felt better.) You can see it too in the pictures below. We had brunch at a nice place called Richtree Market Restaurant, which is a place to get all kinds of quality food and there’s a nice atmosphere in the place, which made it a rewarding end to our exhausting 10 minute walk.

After that I went to see a musical called We Will Rock You. The musical is a funny fictional story based on songs by Queen and I enjoyed it a lot. It made me miss the music I used to listen to in my car. Luckily, I’m getting a car tomorrow so I’ll be able to listen to my favorite music again (in this sense I came unprepared – I should have at least put some of my music on one of my SD cards and dump it on the computer when I got it.)

Tomorrow I return to the US, where I will pick up my rental car and drive to Rockville, Maryland, which is close to Washington D.C. The drive by itself should take around 5 hours, so there may not be an update tomorrow – I’ll probably just be traveling all day.