The story on how I found John Stone’s website

I told you a little about John Stone in my first post and now I would like to tell you the story on how I got to his website.

You know those stupid emails you get at work? Usually there are images or movie clips in them, but sometimes there are links. Before I started working out I got one of those links. The message subject was “Look… this guy doesn’t change his underwear every day”. I knew it was stupid the moment I read the subject line, but I had to check out the link and see how they can tell. I only looked at it for a second, closed the browser’s window and deleted the email message.

However, the picture of the guy who has made the change got stuck in my mind, and when I started working out I also started to look for sources of motivation and inspiration. So naturally, I went to Google and looked for the guy who doesn’t change his shorts every day. And indeed I found John Stone’s FAQ, which is hilarious because it contains answers to all the questions from people who think John is fake. Unfortunately, since John is not updating pictures daily anymore, the answer to the boxer changing isn’t there either.

So that’s it. I’m thinking of emailing John with this story (and a huge thank you), but I’m not sure I’ll do that. Oh, and one more thing… the answer to “Why do you wear the same shorts two days in a row” was “Because sometimes I shower before I take my picture and sometimes after.” That simple, but I’m sure some people still don’t believe it.