Happy Birthday To Me, I’m 42

In the last few years since I met my wife, every year something big has happened. That’s good, I think, to have something big happen once a year. Obviously this year (by far) it’s the birth of our (first) daughter. So that’s the big thing for 2018.

In 2017 it was getting married. I didn’t do a birthday post on January 2018 for some reason that I don’t remember at the moment, but I’m sure was very justified.

Anyway, we celebrated my 42nd birthday by going out to nature again, this time with our daughter. It was a lot of relaxed fun. Then we went out to eat and later in the evening we went to see a movie (Instant Family. Not bad.) We haven’t gone to the movies since the birth, so that was a lot of fun – to be out just the two of us.

Unfortunately after the birth I stopped working out (I switched exclusively to swimming because of some pain I had sometime during 2018.) This means I’ve been gaining weight and I’m not happy about that. Hopefully I’ll get back to at least occasionally doing something in the realm of physical activity from time to time.

I started making electronic music after getting 2 Pocket Operators as a gift, then buying another one and eventually buying the Synthstrom Deluge, all of which I enjoy playing with a lot. You can listen to my “tracks” (they’re really amateurish) on my SoundCloud tracks list. I also post them here on the blog. Making music has proven to be a wonderful new hobby for me. I really enjoy it, even if I never become actually good at it.