Syncwerk Erased Some Of My Files, Now Lost Forever

A while ago I switched from Dropbox to Syncwerk (at the time it was called Seafile Cloud after the open-source project it was using) as the file backup and sync solution I used. I had good reasons (specified in that post.)

But it turned out bad. To put it simply, Syncwerk didn’t do well the most important job it has – not only did it not backup my files properly, but it also erased some files and they are now lost forever. Apparently they know about this and they have a conflict resolution script to restore some of them. But quite a lot of my files have a zero size now in my backup folders and I will never be able to restore them.

Obviously I’ve canceled my Syncwerk account.

I take responsibility for not following the 3-2-1 backup strategy, but even following that might have not helped unless I monitored changes in files, which would have been tedious.

Anyway, this is a warning to not use this service, unless you’re OK with losing some of your files.