I quit my job. Long live my new job

Today I quit my job as a software engineer for Motorola and signed a contract for a software engineer position at Diligent. From the website:

Diligent is a world-class innovator in enterprise-class disk-based storage solutions. Focused on meeting the challenges of storing, protecting and managing the ever-explosive growth of backup data and the continued inefficiencies inherent in traditional methods, Diligent has pioneered a solution that will forever change the economics of implementing disk based backup and restore in data centers.

In other words: Diligent do storage :)

I’m very excited about working for Diligent. All the people I met there were extremely nice and the job is supposed to be both challenging and interesting. I’m moving from Windows programming, which I’ve been doing for the past few years, to Linux/Unix real-time programming so that itself is a challenge.

I will start working in a month and a half. Wish me luck.

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