USB Cable KQ-U8A WT048000317 Driver

If you have a USB cable model KQ-U8A and serial number WT048000317 and you’re looking for a Windows driver for it, here it is.

You’re welcome.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the driver I got with my cable. Use at your own risk. Don’t trust me – check for viruses before installing!

14 Replies to “USB Cable KQ-U8A WT048000317 Driver”

  1. Juergen,

    Sorry to hear it only worked once, but I must say it’s weird… once you install a driver it should “stick”. Anyway, I can’t help you… I no longer use my cable since I have a different phone now.

    Thanks for the update,

  2. Thank you for the Driver.
    Used it for CA-42 CABLE (generic) – 4 wire version
    For Seagate hard drive fix.

  3. Hi Amit,
    Thanks for the driver.
    Is it working for Windows-7 ???
    Which file in the folder I must to run for installation.

  4. Hey Vlad,

    I’m sorry, but I haven’t tried it on Windows 7. It was a long time ago :)

    My guess is that it should work, but I can’t promise anything. I recommend creating a restore point before trying (so you’ll be able to revert)

  5. Couldn’t get my cable from Amazon to work on either windows XP or 7… Was hoping to use this to unlock my nokia phone. Has anyone else managed this?

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