The Trip – End Of Trip Dump

This, I believe, is the last post on the trip. I’ll use it to dump everything trip-related from the last few days.

I landed at 5:30am, met my dad and went straight to work. Luckily I arrived before everyone else did so I had time to put the backpack down and relax. I brought what eventually turned out to be huge amounts of chocolate from Heathrow’s Duty Free shop. Apparently it was so much people complained about it. It was great seeing everyone at work. I was greeted with a few things:

  1. During my absence every time someone came looking for me there was a map showing where I was currently in the world (see pictures below.)
  2. Another map showing changes of seating arrangements was issued to explain where people are sitting after my return (see picture below.)
  3. Since there were a lot of changes in the company (a lot of people moved to a newly built area), a treasure hunt game was created for me so that while following clues to find the contents of my cubicle I will see the new area and learn where people are sitting now (see picture below.)

All these were created by my wonderful teammates and made me very happy.

Everyone tells me I lost some weight but I think I lost mostly muscle. Since the general opinion is that I look better this way, I will focus on aerobics instead of strength in the gym. Maybe I’ll be able to tone down the workouts, live a less restrictive life and have more of the hours of the day to myself. Today I went to the gym for the first time since my return. I just ran 10 km in one hour. It was easy and I’m glad I did it because now I don’t feel like a slob as much.

I also went to meet my mom and Ace (my cat.) She immediately recognized me and showed me her affection, which was great. I really missed her. But then I had to go and she meowed a long time after I left. I think she’s suffering from abandonment issues. I will see her again tomorrow. I’m not sure if I’ll take her back eventually – it’s better for her (and my mom, I believe) if she stays there.

Now that a few days have passed I’m suffering from post-trip depression. You can say I’m at the end-of-trip dump. Hopefully it will pass soon enough for me to get back to a happy life.

Here’s an amazing (professional) picture taken during the last Prodigy show I went to (credit goes to Flickr user “rahul rephoto”. Here’s the original picture’s page):

From The Trip – Day 82

I still haven’t posted a video from the last Prodigy show I went to, so here it is. I know you all wanted to see another one of those :)

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