The Trip – Day 79 – Last Day In Brighton, Third Prodigy Show

Another relatively sunny day in Brighton, so I went outside to walk again. Neil notified me that he wouldn’t be able to make it to the show so I had to quickly call up Adi, my friend who lives in London. All these arrangements took some time.

Then I went to see if I can get lucky and actually meet The Prodigy. And I did!! After waiting outside the venue for about 3 hours they finally came in with the tour bus and I got to shake Keith Flint’s hand for the second time in my life (first time was in 1997 in Tel Aviv harbor.) I was very happy but I don’t think they liked it too much. Anyway, I didn’t ask for autographs or pictures. Liam was very cool about it and nodded at me as I was shaking Keith’s hand. It was very exciting. Maxim walked right in, not really noticing me (all three signed pictures for two other fans who were outside waiting for them.)

Adi and I went to the show. Brighton Center is a small venue, so it was great to see The Prodigy there. The show was a blast and I got to see the stage closer than ever simply because the place is so small. That was fun by itself and will stand in contrast with the next show in Wembley Arena in three days.

Tomorrow I go to London, the final destination of this trip. I’ll be staying near the Wembley Arena. It’s not in central London, but there’s always the underground (or “the tube” as they call it here) if there’s anywhere I want to go. Adi will hopefully show me around at least one day and will be joining me to that last show as well.

I’m dead tired and my body hurts in several locations. Also, I can’t hear too well. That’s how you know you had a good day :)