The Trip – Day 53 – Koh Phangan

I’m just blogging so that I’ll have an entry for each day. This was a regular day of eating, napping, reading and running. It turns out that indeed there was a Half Moon party yesterday but it was shut down early by the police (apparently they didn’t “get paid” properly.) I’m going to go now and see if anything is happening on the beach. Good night.


Ordering train tickets online for the UK is the worst online booking experience I’ve had in a while. I’ll check how much it costs to fly just because of the headache this is causing me.

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  1. :)
    Thank you!

    I guess the site is blocked because of the previous hijacks. Hopefully all the engines that flagged it for blocking it will eventually unblock it.

    And everything here is public, including the videos and images. Any embarrasement caused by them I will have to cope with, I guess :)

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