Internet Search Challenge: How to open a soda can if the push-pull tab broke off?

Today, at work, I bought a soda can from the vending machine. When I wanted to open the can, the push-pull tab broke off and I was unable to open the can. As a result, I decided that I will spend some company paid time to search for the answer to this question: “How to manually open (without any help of devices, such as a can opener) a soda can with a broken push-pull tab?”

I was pretty certain that I will find the answer, but was surprised that I couldn’t even get close to finding it. So I’m posting it as a challenge. If you find the answer to this very troubling question, post it in the comments section.

Thank you.

Oh, and if you’re interested, while looking for the answer to my question, I found an answer to another question: “Why do people tap on soda cans before opening them?”

8 Replies to “Internet Search Challenge: How to open a soda can if the push-pull tab broke off?”

  1. Thanks, but I don’t have this kind of thing at work.

    However, a friend showed me a way to do this:
    Take a knife and put its edge against the crack around the tab, so that the knife stands vertically pointing down. Gently (!) hit the knife downwards and the crack will open slightly. Then you can use your finger to push the entire tab inside the can and enjoy your soda.

  2. I REALLY hope this works because I really need to get inside of my energy drink quickly…..!

  3. same thing happen to me as well, while i was at work, but i found a way to open it though..

    just in case if its happen again,…
    1- grab pair of scissors and a steel scale (or staple removal)
    2- hook the scale under small bolt shaped thing (lol @ thing) and pull it with steady hand till you hear gas escape noise
    3- grab the bolt with scissors and enjoy your drink.
    dont try to knock the top part, it will just mess up with your drink and wont be useful (as per my experience)

  4. Take some scissors, then with the blade, go over the little line when the cap is, then you you hit the cap a few times with something. Voila.

  5. I just opened my rc cola with a knife by gently twisting a sharp knife in the groove where it breaks, gave a loud bang and the tab broke upwards

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