The Trip – Day 47 – Koh Samui

The doing-absolutely-nothing attitude continued today. It took me quite a while to recuperate from the very long sleep of last night. I sat by the pool and did some online reading. Then I went to have breakfast and for a walk on the beach. Chaweng beach is very long and curvy so it’s nice to walk the length of it. I didn’t walk all of it, though. After about 10 minutes of walking I was so sweaty I turned around and walked back.

After that Neil and I moved to a different room. The room we had stayed in the previous night was booked for today so we got a better room – a bungalow with a window facing the pool. It’s funny how that works – the people that pre-booked the lesser room got exactly what they wanted, while we were upgraded to a better room for the same price because we walked in without pre-booking.

Anyway, after that we went to lunch in a very stylish restaurant called “Chef’s Table.” The food was really really good and the service impeccable. We really enjoyed that meal and will definitely go back, even tonight.

Tomorrow is my last day in koh Samui. The following day I will be heading back to Koh Phangan. While Koh Samui is nice, the tourist population here is older and while the restaurants here are better, it’s nothing I care much for (Neil loves it, though.) I prefer sitting in a restaurant watching endless reruns of “Friends” with people my age.

Here are some pictures I took today: