The Trip – Day 38 – Last Day In Hong Kong

Last night I went outside to see what Hong Kong is like at night. I went to Kowloon’s bar area only to find out that most bars were pretty empty around 11pm with girls standing outside trying to convince pedestrians to get in. After reading about the abundance of “working girls” in those bars and seeing that there was not much going on anyway, I decided not to go inside. I don’t drink and being alone in a bar isn’t really something I like. The hostel’s street was filled with fire trucks when I got back. I was afraid that the hostel’s building is the one in flames but luckily it wasn’t it (see first picture below.)

Today I went to Ocean Park, an amusement park with ocean-related attractions. The park is divided into two parts on different sides of a mountain. To travel between the parts you can take a shuttle or ride the mountain-side cable car, which has an amazing view of the bay. As for the contents of the park – too many amusement park stuff, too few ocean attractions. If you’ve been to Eilat’s Coral World Underwater Observatory and Aquarium it’s pretty much the same, only with other sea creatures. The Allot Reef and Lagoon are amazing and the Jelly Fish display is beautiful. Other attractions include the sea lions, the giant panda habitat and an aviary, which I was less impressed with (the pandas look very unhappy in there.)

I really loved Hong Kong. It’s a great place to be in because there is so much activity here and things to do. But for now these three days were enough. I think Hong Kong is a place that would be amazing to live in, especially if you can speak the language. Who knows… maybe in the future :)

Tomorrow: a short 2 hour flight to Thailand. I plan to spend the first day there in Khoa San Road and the day after take a flight to Koh Phangan. There’s a full moon party in a few days, which I plan to attend (just to see what it’s like) and then decide whether I want to stay in Koh Phangan or move to a quieter place.

I don’t know what the Internet situation is going to be in Thailand, so there may not be regular updates from there.

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