The Trip – Day 36 – Hong Kong

The flight to Hong Kong went pretty well. I think I slept quite a lot. I got to my hostel, took a quick shower and immediately went to do my traditional aimless wandering. Hong Kong is really beautiful and interesting – streets crammed with small shops alongside huge shopping centers and malls that are inside ginormous buildings. The people are really nice but unfortunately most speak very little English.

I did all my shopping early (got a new pocket camera with some accessories, a small MP3 player, padlocks (for Thailand) and the new Prodigy album. Woohoo for that :) Apparently shopping is a very common tourist activity here and luckily I’m not into it. For lunch I went looking for a local restaurant and found a dumplings place that had very few tourist guests. An English-speaking waitress was called to serve me and she brought with her what appeared to be the one and only English menu in the restaurant. I was seated in front of a local that helped translate my request for Diet Coke to the waitress. In an attempt to eat stuff that I don’t usually eat, I ordered “Shrimp and assorted meat dumplings.” I hope “assorted meat” doesn’t mean kitty.

I continued walking around until I got tired and decided that I need to replace the old camera with the new one, went back to my hotel room, charged all the new gadgets and went back out. I didn’t last long after eating dinner because my body was signaling that if I push it further it’ll get back at me. Instead of exploring the night life as I wanted to, I got back in the hostel, started writing this post and fell asleep during (I guess I was tired.) Now I’m completing it at around 4am because I got up feeling so-so. I think closed hostel rooms (I don’t have an outside facing window, just air conditioning) don’t agree with me.

Tomorrow (actually today in a few hours) I’m considering going to Ocean Park, which is an educational amusement park about “life” and is supposed to be very good. However, this may take the entire day. Another option is going to Hong Kong Park, which is an urban green area inside Hong Kong, and later visiting the famous Victoria Peak. Haven’t decided yet.