PO-33 “Chill”

This one took a very long time, but not for a good reason. It’s not great overall and the movements at the end are very messy. I simply got stuck making it and wanted to finish.

Samples used:

PO-33 “Sambe”

For this one I used:

  • Samba percussion from here
  • Samba whistle from here
  • Cavaquinho sample from here

Additionally, for the first time, I used effects as part of the final recording. Specifically, I used the unison effects on the PO-33. I think they gave a nice twist to the music.
It took me very long to get this together. It’s not that there was a specific difficulty. I just had a block and wasn’t happy with whatever I was doing. The final result, however, I find quite pleasing :)

PO-33 “Slowfast”

I was somewhat lazy with this one because I used the same patch as I did for my previous track, “Nordic Moon”. In addition, I used a sample of the “Dominator” sound from the online preview of the Heisenberg synthesizer.

It’s a relatively slow track (at least it starts slow), which I wanted to do after listening to G Jones – In Your Head. A very cool and hard-hitting “bass movement” track. So you can say it’s an inspiration :)

PO-33 “Europa”

In this track I include a sound that I created myself using the online Europa synthesizer. Here’s the patch I used to create the sound you hear in the background for the entire duration of the track. You can load it into the online synth and play around with it, which is really cool.

I really enjoyed creating the sound and I learned a lot, although I barely scratched the surface of sound creation.

The rest of the sounds are from this sample pack of ethnic instruments.

PO-33 “Rushed”

I had to rush this one out before going on vacation. Using some ravey sounds it came out pretty nice. At the end it falls a little short, though.

I used the following samples from the “Loopmasters Welcome Free Samplepack”, which you get after registering to Loopmasters: