PO-20 Dump

Sometimes, when creating a loop, the end result may sound good only during creation. On a second listen (or after) it might sound like a big mess. I realized that it may be important to include the steps it took to get to the final product just so that the ears can make sense of all the sounds playing together. Here’s an example. The last step of the loop progression is so noisy that without the steps to get there it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense:

And here are more PO-20 loops I recorded:

PO-20 Loop Dump

I’m dumping some loops I’ve created over time so that I can free up some memory in my PO-20.

Some of these I like more than others. A good loop, in my opinion, is one I can let play for a while and doesn’t bother me or, even better, makes me bob my head like I’m listening to a good track :)

More Loops – PO-14 and PO-20

Here’s a short “song progression” I created on the PO-20. It doesn’t use many of the traditional PO-20 arcade sounds, but I like its slowness and I think it came out pretty minimalistic and nice.

In this PO-14 sample, I play two loops that seem to complement each other, at least to my ears. I also mess around with a bit of live playing, switching the loop’s main sound.

שי, החבר המשורר שלי

יש לי חבר משורר מאוד מוכשר. קוראים לו שי (פייסבוק).
הכתיבה שלו ייחודית (וגם לא בשביל כל אחד, בלשון המעטה :) וכשהוא מתרגם את הטקסט להופעה פרונטלית זה בדרך יוצא סוג של ראפ הדומה לסגנון הפואטרי סלאם.
הנה כמה דוגמאות:

The Prodigy Are Playing Some New Tracks And Beats Live

The Prodigy have been dropping some new tunes in their recent live shows, which is very exciting to me. Supposedly a new album will be out next year, but with Liam Howlett (the brains behind The Prodigy) it’s really hard to be sure, as he is known to be late on delivery of new albums.

The first new tune is called “Resonate” and seems like an almost complete new track:

The second one is currently called “Need Some 1” and I really like it – tracks with hard, slow beats and a melody are my favorites:

The third one is called “Boom Tap”, which I also like a lot:

My 23rd Prodigy Show – Negua, Madrid, Spain, 27-Oct-2017

This time we went together, wife and I. First time for her, so I was very happy. The Prodigy isn’t her kind of music but she prepared and listened to tracks in the few weeks before the show. I really appreciate her for doing so – she came to the show with the intent to enjoy as much as she can.

We stood in the back because I really wanted for her to have a nice first experience at a Prodigy show. The place was small, which meant standing in the back wasn’t that far away from the stage. I really enjoyed the show, but she calls it a “one time experience”, nicely letting me know that she won’t be joining me to any more Prodigy shows.

Still, we had fun and I love the fact that she made the effort to come see The Prodigy once.