Anarchist Grid

(In the “Ideas” category I’ll post… well… ideas)

Anarchist Grid follows the rising popularity of grid computing. Imagine, though, that a grid exists where you can, for example, crack password-protected files. I wonder if, to crack a zip file, you need to have the entire file. If not, then this is actually doable.

Anyway, if such a grid existed, you could “submit” your file to the grid and, assuming that enough people are connected, get the password in a matter of minutes (or seconds?).

I think this idea can be extended to more than mere password cracking, but I leave this as an exercise to the reader. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m up to no good.

Me 1

Hi, and welcome to my blog.

So here’s a little about me: My name is Amit Schreiber. I am 28 years old, computer software engineer by profession. I work for Motorola in Israel. This, unfortunately, will probably be the last time I will mention Motorola, because as the security in this place is so tight I am afraid to mention anything about aspects of my work.

I started working out around 11 months ago. Hopefully I’ll have a Fitness category and I’ll talk about it a little more. However, I have to mention one person who was a great inspiration. This man is John Stone. He has made the change a few years back, but what’s special about him is that he documented everything. In the future I will tell you the funny story on how I got to his website.

I read books once in a while. Some are for the pure joy of reading, other professional. I will mention some of them in later posts. Right now I’m reading “The Salmon Of Doubt” by Douglas Adams (actually not by him, but it’s still his material.

I also play Congas drums. I just started learning. It’s pretty cool, and I hope to become good at it, regardless of the fact that I have very little time to practice.

Anyway, this is my first post. Pretty lame, but this is why it is called “Me 1” and not just “Me”. There’s more to come, sooner or later.

See you,