The Prodigy – We Live Forever

The fourth single from The Prodigy’s upcoming album, No Tourists, is out. It’s called “We Live Forever” and it’s a fresh, fast-paced rave tune that takes you back to the 90s dance days with a modern Prodigy twist.

The new album is out Novemeber 2nd.

PO-33 “Chill”

This one took a very long time, but not for a good reason. It’s not great overall and the movements at the end are very messy. I simply got stuck making it and wanted to finish.

Samples used:

PO-33 “Sambe”

For this one I used:

  • Samba percussion from here
  • Samba whistle from here
  • Cavaquinho sample from here

Additionally, for the first time, I used effects as part of the final recording. Specifically, I used the unison effects on the PO-33. I think they gave a nice twist to the music.
It took me very long to get this together. It’s not that there was a specific difficulty. I just had a block and wasn’t happy with whatever I was doing. The final result, however, I find quite pleasing :)

PO-33 “Slowfast”

I was somewhat lazy with this one because I used the same patch as I did for my previous track, “Nordic Moon”. In addition, I used a sample of the “Dominator” sound from the online preview of the Heisenberg synthesizer.

It’s a relatively slow track (at least it starts slow), which I wanted to do after listening to G Jones – In Your Head. A very cool and hard-hitting “bass movement” track. So you can say it’s an inspiration :)