“Their Law” Number 2 In The UK, Prodigy Month Over

“Their Law” by The Prodigy went down to number 2 in the UK after one week as the top selling album, but that was expected as number 1 this week is Robbie Williams’ new album. The fact that Prodigy is still number 2 means that sales are still strong, which is great news.

This is the last day of October, and therefore the end of “Prodigy Month” for this blog. I will still post Prodigy related news and stuff, but the Prodigy theme will be gone by tomorrow.

I got “Their Law”

I picked up “Their Law” at the post office today. I was so excited, I had the CD out of the jewel case by the time I was back at my car. Since the first CD contains well-known singles (which I’ve already listened to millions of times), I skipped it and started playing the bonus CD. From what I’ve heard so far, IT ROCKS!! I can’t wait to get the DVD that I ordered.


The Prodigy Release “Their Law” + New Website Design

The Prodigy released today “Their Law” – their “best of” CD and singles DVD. Here are some links to Amazon, to make it easier for you to order the goods:

  • One CD version (just the singles)
  • Two CDs limited edition version, which includes 2 new tracks, b-sides and live tracks. This is actually what I’m waiting to listen to most.
  • The DVD

I already ordered my copies of the limited edition CDs and the DVD. How about you?

Also, The Prodigy’s website has been updated with a new design, great artwork and some new cool loops in the background.


Reading Festival 2002 – The last time I saw The Prodigy live

The last time I saw The Prodigy live was at Reading Festival 2002. It was a dream come true for me, in the sense that The Prodigy always give their best shows in the UK. Although I went crazy dancing and shouting during the concert (for a few seconds there I actually lost my breath and thought I was about to faint), it was still not Prodigy’s best. One reason is that in that festival performers get only one hour for their show, and a full live Prodigy show is longer than that.

The second reason is that it was a bad time for The Prodigy as a band – they were trying to do a comeback with material that was written in a very similar pattern to their previous album, so it wasn’t that ground-breaking as you’d expect from new Prodigy material. Luckily, later on Liam Howlett (Prodigy’s prodigy) realized what was happening, went back to the drawing board and brought back with him two years later the fourth album, AONO (Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned).

But don’t get me wrong – the show still rocked and the crowd went crazy, which only goes to show why The Prodigy are such a great band.

How I started listening to The Prodigy

Around 1992 there was a radio station in Israel called “Zahal 2”. It broadcasted, among other things, alternative music and at that time some electronic music. Trance music was not even defined as Trance music back then. Anyway, all electronic music was either categorized as “Techno” or “Rave”. Under both categories, The Prodigy’s Out Of Space and Charly were broadcasted. I used to really like those tracks, but in Israel you couldn’t (and in fact still can’t) buy any singles, so your options were either buying the album of the band, or a compilation of songs with the song you’re looking for in it.

Lacking any direction in music, I was a serial buyer of compilations. It doesn’t mean that I bought a lot of them – CDs were pretty expensive, and as a teenager I couldn’t afford as many as I wanted. One day my older brother, who really liked pop music and generally introduced me to the idea of listening to the radio, told me that I should buy an album of a band instead of a compilation and get some direction.

I pondered it a lot, went to the CD store a couple of times returning empty-handed. But one day I did it – I bought my first ever album of a band. It was The Prodigy Experience. I’m a big fan since. I doubt it that that was my brother’s intension.

The Prodigy

The Prodigy is my all time favorite band. They are simply the best band in the world. The Prodigy are a trio: Liam Howlett, Keith Flint and Maxim. Liam, who makes all of The Prodigy’s music, is a genius and a true master.

The Prodigy’s latest album is called “Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned” (AONO). It came after a long 7 year silence, which happened because of Liam’s writer’s block. But the album is brilliant and was worth the wait. Also, by all reports, The Prodigy’s live act is back rocking as hard as ever.

During October a “best of” album will be released, and will be named (after a great track) “Their Law”. Therefore, I declare October as Prodigy month for this blog. I’ll theme this blog a little accordingly, and mention some stuff about The Prodigy. I might even start earlier than October, being excited and all.

Some links to Prodigy stuff:
Official website
nekosite, the website for Prodigy’s number one fan. Look inside the forums. A lot of stuff there.
Brainkiller, where you can download some tracks and videos
TheProdigy.nl, another place for downloads