Interview With Raymond Chen (Audio)

I’ve written about Raymond Chen and his popular blog a few times before. He’s a brilliant Microsoft employee, who writes about “serious” stuff like how to use some of Windows’ API, while also including nice stories from Microsoft’s past (plus some other stuff, which always shows how much you can learn from him).

This time I’m writing about him because there’s a podcast online where you can listen to him getting interviewed about the blog, his new book and Microsoft.

Did you know that every copy of Windows XP includes Microsoft Bob (Wikipedia definition)? I didn’t. If you have an original Windows CD and you can pound on your keyboard with your hand in a very specific way, you can get to the Microsoft Bob installation on the CD :)

I guess you have to listen to the podcast to know why I’m saying that.

UPDATE: Raymond Chen was interviewed previously on another show. It’s also very funny for Windows developers with a bit of sense of history. Here it is.

New Interesting Software Development Blog

I just added Patrick Dussud’s blog to my RSS list. Patrick Dussud is the Lead Architect of the CLR/UIFX group and the Chief Architect of the .NET Frameworks. He only posted 3 posts so far, but all of them are interesting. In software development experience matters, and you can definitely see it in his decision-making process. I think this blog is one that’s worth tracking.

Coding Horror

Coding Horror is a relatively new blog on my RSS feed list, but I like it very much already. Jeff Atwood, the writer, talks mostly about programming and software related issues and subjects in a thought-provoking way.

Dave Barry

Dave Barry is by far one of the funniest people alive. I have a few of his books, the first of which I bought at a bus station, as preparation for a long trip. In addition to books, Dave also maintains a weblog, which has daily links to funny stuff on the Internet (Dave Barry and his readers, who supply some of the links, can find something funny in just about anything).

Dave used to write a weekly column for The Miami Herald. Unfortunately, he took a vacation from writing the weekly column, but in the link you can find Dave Barry classics, which are still hilarious.

Download Squad

Download Squad is a downloads blog, which highlights all kinds of software that is out there, some software related news and time wasters. I got to some pretty interesting and useful software through this blog, and that’s why it’s on my RSS feed list.

Gizmo Blogs

Here are two gizmo blogs, which I visit regularly: Gizmodo and Engadget. It’s not only because of the cool stuff that they show there, it’s also the way they present it – with a lot of humor and a cynical attitude, which goes well with the weird products some companies choose to manufacture.

The Daily WTF

The Daily WTF is a forum style website, but is actually a blog where you can see, every day, examples of the funniest “design patterns” and code you have ever seen. Code samples that will truly make you go “WTF??!!” to the point of disbelief that anyone actually wrote them.