My 22nd Prodigy Show – Moscow, Russia, 09-Nov-2016

Another great show by The Prodigy. Also, it was cold :) especially the 30 minutes of waiting in line at -4 degrees C before entering the small venue where the show was held.

This time I went alone. Other than the show I enjoyed some rest and a short tour of Moscow, which was fun, but again… cold.

2 Replies to “My 22nd Prodigy Show – Moscow, Russia, 09-Nov-2016”

  1. Dude, good to see you enjoying Prodigy all around the world! I wish you had more time to tour around :)

    1. Thanks a lot, Rom :D
      This all started back 2009, when I saw them 4 times over a 2-week timespan. Sometimes it seems like craziness to me, but it’s so much fun that I can’t stop :)

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