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Dindy IconThis is the homepage of Dindy, an open source mobile application for the Android platform. In general, Dindy is an SMS auto reply (or auto respond) application with a twist – it allows urgent calls to get through by letting the caller decide whether the call is urgent or not. See the help text for more details.

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Dindy (DND) is useful when you are busy but still want urgent calls to come through.

For example, before going to sleep you start the “Night” profile. The first time a mobile contact calls or texts, Dindy silences the phone and sends an SMS reply automatically asking to call (or call again) if it’s important or urgent. If the same person calls, Dindy will make the phone ring to let you know a call requires your attention.

Other examples where Dindy is useful are in meetings (and the phone is set to vibrate on the second call) or while driving.

Per-profile settings allow you to customize Dindy’s behavior. Available settings are:
Enable SMS reply-to-call: when disabled, Dindy works the same but SMS messages are not sent to callers.
SMS message (callers): set the message to be sent to mobile phone callers.
Enable SMS reply-to-SMS: when disabled, Dindy works the same but SMS messages are not sent to texters.
SMS message (texters): set the message to be sent to known texters.
First event (call or SMS): set whether the phone should ring, vibrate (or both) when a mobile contact calls or texts for the first time.
Second event (second call or call after SMS): set whether the phone should ring, vibrate (or both) when a contact calls for the second time or calls after texting.
Non-mobile caller: set how to treat calls that are in your contact list but are not listed as mobile. The choices are to use the first call settings, the second call settings, Dindy’s behavior for mobile contacts without an SMS reply or your regular call settings from before you started Dindy.
Unknown caller: set how to treat calls from unknown callers (that are not in your contact list.) The choices are to use the first call settings, the second call settings, Dindy’s behavior for mobile contacts without an SMS reply or your regular call settings from before you started Dindy.
Unknown texter: set how to treat text messages from unknown texters (that are not in your contact list.) The choices are to ignore the messages or use Dindy’s behavior for mobile contacts without an SMS reply.
Time between events: set the timeframe between the first and second event during which a call is considered urgent. It is advised to let the person know this timeframe in the SMS replies you set. Available options are 5 minutes, 10 minutes, half an hour, one hour and until Dindy is stopped. For the latter option, Dindy will activate the second event notification for every contact that calls more than once until Dindy is stopped.
Use time limit: check this option to be asked for a time limit every time the profile is started. The profile will stop automatically according to your setting. Time limit only works from the main screen or widgets. When started from a shortcut, a profile will start with no limit.

Additional notes:
– Dindy will not send the automatic SMS reply message if the call was accepted or declined.
– Alarms will go off while Dindy is running even if it was set to silence the ringer (so, for example, you can set an alarm to wake you up even if the current profile silences the phone.)

Using Dindy shortcuts
A Dindy profile shortcut can be used to start and then stop the same profile. The “Stop Dindy” shortcut can be used to stop any running profile.
When using Dindy shortcuts in external applications, after deleting a profile or after uninstalling and reinstalling Dindy you must re-apply all of Dindy’s settings in these applications (upgrades are safe).
Important note to AppAlarm users: when using Dindy with AppAlarm, UNCHECK the “Force App Restart On Launch” option. Failing to do so will leave your phone silent!

Using Dindy in Locale
To correctly use Dindy in Locale add the “Stop Dindy” setting to each situation where you do NOT want to use Dindy, specifically the default situation.
For each situation where you want to use Dindy, add the desired Dindy profile setting.
After deleting a Dindy profile that is used in Locale you must change the Dindy setting in the relevant situations. If you uninstall and reinstall Dindy, you must re-apply all of Dindy’s settings in Locale (Dindy upgrades are safe).

Dindy was conceived and created by Amit Schreiber (aka gnobal). For support, comments, requests and bug reports please contact Amit at dindyforandroid@gmail.com. For more information about Dindy, visit Dindy’s page. Check periodically for Dindy updates on the Android App Market.

The green and red power buttons were kindly contributed to public domain by Lumen Media s.r.o.

The launcher icon is a combination of two icons from the Milky and Bright! free icon sets, kindly contributed by Min Tran to public domain.

Copyright © 2011 Amit Schreiber

All Rights Reserved.

1.0.0 (11-Oct-2009)
- Initial release
1.0.1 (13-Oct-2009)
- Fixed an issue where rarely the SMS was sent later than expected
1.0.2 (21-Oct-2009)
- Better wakelock granularity (keep the CPU working only for a few seconds, not a few minutes)
- Fixed a rare race which would cause Dindy to treat a third late call as a second call
- Only refresh settings if the currently active profile is edited, not on every edit (slightly faster UI)
- Show notification and status bar icon indicating that Dindy is running only after everything is actually started
1.0.3 (4-Nov-2009)
- Fixed an issue where sometimes a second call was considered as first
1.0.4 (12-Dec-2009)
- Code + user interface cleanups
- Added two new profiles to new installations: Away and Busy
1.0.5 (24-Jan-2010)
- Speed improvement for the main screen
1.0.6 (29-Jan-2010)
- Clicking the notification now shows the existing main screen instead of opening a new one
- Speed improvement for the main screen
- Use a little less memory
1.0.7 (07-Feb-2010)
- Better app behavior
- Even more memory and speed improvements
1.0.8 (27-Feb-2010)
- Introducing single profile widgets
1.0.9 (6-Mar-2010)
- Locale plug-in added
1.1.0 (27-Mar-2010)
- Shortcuts added
1.1.1 (12-Apr-2010)
- Fixed an issue where a caller with a blank caller ID was not treated as unknown
1.1.2 (22-May-2010)
- Added a profile option for known non-mobile numbers
1.1.3 (11-Jul-2010)
- Added a time-limit option for profiles
1.1.4 (26-Dec-2010)
- Fixed an issue where Dindy didn't function correctly alongside other programs that monitor incoming calls (like call recorders), mainly on older/slower devices
1.1.5 (2-Jan-2011)
- Do not allow profile names with an apostrophe to avoid database errors
- Code cleanup and reorganization in preparation for future enhancements
1.1.6 (9-Jan-2011)
- Added the option to treat non-mobile and unknown callers as if they were mobile (first+second call) without the SMS reply
- Minor category changes in profile preferences
1.1.7 (24-Jan-2011)
- Added SMS reply-to-SMS (in perpetual beta until officially supported by Google)
1.1.8 (13-Jan-2012)
- Include new Locale library and modify code accordingly
- Now requires at least Android 2.1 (sorry, old versions)
1.1.9 (21-Jan-2012)
- Cope with the service being killed (by task managers or Android) and restarted
1.2.0 (22-Jan-2012)
- Some users have been having trouble updating, so this is just a version bump to solve update issues
1.2.1 (23-Jan-2012)
- Fix time limit, which stopped working after recent changes
1.2.2 (26-Jan-2012)
- Run the service in the foreground to avoid being killed while operating
1.2.3 (06-Feb-2012)
- Changes to widget due to ICS changes
1.2.4 (21-Feb-2014)
- Now requires at least Android 4
- Visual refresh - change icons for now
1.2.5 (28-Feb-2014)
Now that SMS is officially supported in the SDK (it only took Google around 5 years):
- Remove reply-to-SMS "perpetual beta" warning
- New profiles enable reply-to-SMS by default
1.2.6 (08-Mar-2014)
- Support SMS messages in any language
- Support long SMS messages
1.2.7 (15-Mar-2014)
- Android 4.1+: Stop Dindy directly from the notification
1.2.8 (05-Apr-2014)
- More visual redesign: do all profile actions (add, edit, rename and delete) from the main screen.
1.2.9 (10-Apr-2014)
- More visual enhancements
- Minor bug fix when adding a new profile
1.3.0 (18-Apr-2014)
- Continue visual modernization of the user interface
- Add accessibility enhancements
1.3.1 (21-Apr-2014)
- Added whitelist (finally!)
1.3.2 (22-Apr-2014)
- Better handling of contacts in whitelist
1.3.3 (08-Jan-2015)
- Nicer (native) look for Lollipop
- Lollipop fixes
- Whitelist improvements
- Other minor updates
1.3.4 (24-Apr-2015)
- Add option to automatically use the same time limit
- Show profile end time in notification

44 thoughts on “Dindy For Android”

  1. Hey, I have been following your app for a while. I am usually pretty stingy about getting paid apps, but I love your idea and am planning on getting it soon. Can the profiles be set to start/stop at certain times? I’d like a “sleep” and “work” profile set up to automatically turn on/off at certain times. Also, I would like it if certain numbers/contacts could be excluded. Some of my contact #s are house phones, so I would want their calls to come straight through (in case of emergency). Thanks!

  2. Hi Andre,

    Thank you very much for the positive comment.

    You’re not the first to request automatic start/stop with time. The good news is that Dindy will be a Locale plugin starting March 6th, when I release version 1.0.9. If you haven’t heard of Locale – it’s a very elaborate application that allows you to start different settings (including plugins) in response to different conditions (like a specific time of day, but many many more like a location condition which is suitable for work.) So that would be one solution to starting Dindy with a time setting.

    The bad news is that the Locale beta (that was free) is over and now Locale costs 10$. While I think Locale is great, I also think 10$ is pretty steep. So I thought about asking the guys who make the app Timeriffic (which changes phone settings according to time) to create a similar plugin system so that Dindy could work with that. Timeriffic is free and is very highly rated (I haven’t used it myself, though.)

    If that doesn’t work I might consider implementing a mechanism inside Dindy, but I can’t promise anything.

    As for exclusion lists (either to always silence or always make a sound) I’m sorry but I’m not inclined to support those. First of all – note that Dindy only works for numbers you have specified as mobile, because it can’t assume that a text message will be seen if the number isn’t a mobile phone. For other numbers you specify Dindy’s behavior (see the help text for details.) What I do for the “night” profile (and that’s the default when you install Dindy) is that all non-mobile and unrecognized numbers ring on the first call. So a home number will be included in those if it’s not indicated as mobile.

    Second, the overhead for a mobile caller is that he/she only needs to dial the same number twice. I realize that in a real emergency where seconds are important this isn’t a good solution, but Dindy wasn’t created to handle these cases.

    One of the reasons I generally object to exclusion lists is that they might complicate Dindy for users who simply want a smart silent mode for their phones, like myself. Also, there are other apps on the market for emergency numbers which I think may work while Dindy is working.

    I can’t help but feel that I’m disappointing you with my answers. As you can see in the market, Dindy still hasn’t caught on (100-500 users currently) so in the future if there’s demand for a specific feature I might implement it even if I’m not a supporter. But again… no promises.

    All I can hope for is that you’ll find Dindy useful the way it is and if a feature that you asked for will be added – then it will be a bonus for your money.

    Thanks again for writing. I’ll keep in mind the features you have requested.

  3. I have the droid running the updated version 2.1. The last two times I used Dindy it did not allow my droid alarm to go off, it was silenced. I use the factory set alarm. I also use quick profiles which was set to have my alarm go off and not be silenced. Is there a way to correct this problem.

  4. Mark: It does, although as you can see from the market comments – not for everyone. Why don’t you take it for a spin? You can always return it if it doesn’t work for you.

  5. Hi!
    How can I get dindy to my HTC Desire?Here in Finland it’s only possible to download free apps from market.
    Is it possible to get the app from somewhere else??

  6. Riku: Unfortunately there is no way I can help. Google adds copy protection that I can’t add on my own. And so that’s why I can’t just give away copies of my app.

    The irony is that I’m located in Israel, where you still can’t buy apps either. So while I can distribute an app, I can’t see my own app on the market – just like yourself.

    I hope that soon you will be able to get paid apps on the market and purchase Dindy.

  7. Hi, I just bought Dindy today — I love the app. I’ve had read through the comments, and would like to add a few suggestions:

    1) Could you have a per-profile setting after which the active profile ends? I understand some people want specific dates and times, but how about simply “once activated, disable after 60 minutes” where 60 minutes is configurable. That way I can set it and forget it.

    2) Maybe I don’t understand the non-mobile thing, but I can’t get non-mobile calls to undo the ringer. If I call from my office phone (labeled “work” on my Android) the ringer never turns back on. My assumption was that on a known non-mobile phone, it would behave the same but just not send the text. So if someone called me twice from a non-mobile phone, it would audibly ring on the second call.

    In any case, thanks for the app. Great job!

  8. Hi Jason,

    Thank you very much for the kind words. I’m glad to hear you’re happy with Dindy and I hope you continue to find it useful.

    As for your comments:
    1. Your idea to disable a profile after a specific time is already being worked on after a friend of mine suggested it. However, I can’t say when this feature will be available. It may take a while.

    2. I’m sorry about the misunderstanding regarding the “non-mobile caller” option. Since non-mobile callers are assumed to not be able to get text messages, indeed Dindy will always behave the same for them, regardless of how many times they call. You only get the option to decide what Dindy will do when a non-mobile caller calls. This is the short answer.

    The long answer is that the “non-mobile caller” option was the last option added to Dindy profiles (about a month ago). Before that there was only the “unknown caller” option. Some Dindy users requested a distinction to be made between known numbers (such as work and other landlines) and unknown numbers (that are not in the contacts list). For example, let’s say you want to go to sleep and allow anyone you know to wake you up but silence any other number. So Dindy will behave differently for the three type of numbers:
    a. Known mobile callers will get the text message and will be able to call again to make the ringer go off
    b. Known non-mobile callers will cause the phone to ring the first time they call (provided that you set the “non-mobile caller” option to “second call”)
    c. Unknown callers will leave the ringer silent regardless of how many times they call (provided that you set the “unknown caller” option to
    “first call”)

    Thanks again for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

  9. Hello,

    A couple of months ago I bought this application on the market and I was always very happy with it. However, after the official update of the Motorola Milestone of last weekend (well, since then I noticed it, not sure if it is the cause), I am not able to find the Dindy application on the Markt anymore. I tried manual searches as well as the QR-barcode link but both give no results.

    As I am a daily user of this application please tell me how I can get it back again. My phone is fully unbranded, EU VERSION with latest update (ending with. 36).

    With kind regards,
    Dennis van de Sande

  10. Hi Dennis,

    Thank you very much for bringing this issue with Dindy not being visible on the market to my attention. You are the second Dindy user to report this.

    Unfortunately, I have no idea why the app doesn’t appear on the market app on your phone. All I can do is write to Google about it, hoping that they would do something to resolve this. If you look at previous complaints about apps not appearing on the market (like this one: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=7591 ) Google’s response was “The Android team is generally not able to help with problems with specific devices. Please contact your carrier or device’s manufacturer for assistance.”

    Thanks again,
    (I also sent you a more extended response by email)

  11. Hi Amit,

    Thanks a lot for your great support and given solution. It was a workaround until I resolved the issue with Dindy not being available on the market: a hard reset (which I just did when I got the issue) did show up Diny again.

    Now I do have an other question: Tasker-compatible. Tasker is a locale-like application with more options and a bit cheaper. At the website they state that locale plugins are compatible and should work.

    It does see the locale plugin dindy, including the warning about Stopping Dindy in default mode, but it doesn’t actually active dindy or de-active dindy. You can run a test on the task but with dindy it does not seem to work. I know it is not really Dindy-related but maybe you can have a look and try to resolve it?

    The 14-days trial of Tasker can be downloaded at tasker.dinglisch.net.

    Thanks in advance,

  12. Hi Dennis,

    I’m glad to hear the market issue was resolved.

    As for Tasker – I’ve already talked to one of Tasker’s developers. He was very helpful and after some back and forth we found where the incompatibility between Tasker and Dindy was. Eventually that developer said that the next Tasker update should work with Dindy. I’m expecting the update myself to test it.

    Thanks for reporting this to me,

  13. hi , i am from denmark and we dont have the opportunity to pay for the program via android marked, is there another way that I can get the program (dindy) to my phone (htc desire with froyo). I have read your response to riku, but i am hoping you have a solution to the problem now

  14. Hi skou,

    Unfortunately I have no plans to sell Dindy through alternative
    channels other than the app market. Not too long ago Google announced
    that it will be possible to pay on the market with PayPal, so I hope
    that will work for you.

  15. first of all, thank you for the quick response, i will try the solution with paypal and hope it works that way, and again thank you


  16. Hi Amit,

    Does Dindy allow for calls to ring if VIPs call at night (ie. Mom) w/o having to call twice? ie. I only want calls from specific people to ring at night and all others i would put on silent. Morning – i would allow all calls.

    I like the the presentation of the profiles and the layout of this tool.

    Thanks in advance

  17. Hi George,

    Thank you for writing and for the nice words.

    Unfortunately, Dindy doesn’t have the “whitelist” feature, mostly because there are other apps that provide it but also because I thought this would complicate the app too much (e.g. too many rules that will make the phone ring in uncomfortable/unwanted times).

  18. I recently had to reload my Droidx and I had previosuly purchased Dindy, I can no longer locate it on the market to download, any suggestions?

  19. Hi Nicole,

    Unfortunately I have no control over which apps
    you see in the market from your phone. A few people purchased Dindy
    just a few days ago, so this means it’s still out there. Also, on the
    developer control panel that Google provides me everything looks

    The best I can do for you right now is refund your purchase, and if
    Dindy re-appears on your phone you can re-purchase it.

    Sorry that I can’t do anything else. It’s out of my hands.

  20. Hi,

    thanks for this app, it is very useful…

    except for the non mobile caller.
    Isn’t it possible for non mobile and unknow caller to act with the same option as mobile caller but without the SMS ?

    for example by choosing “like a mobile call” in the settings


  21. Hi Joel,

    The truth is that I haven’t thought of that, and you’re the first person to request this kind of behavior. I think it makes sense to add it, but it will take some time because the next release is currently being tested (it contains some minor fixes), then I was going to work on reply-to-SMS (which has been requested by a few users now and will require thorough testing) and then I can get to implementing the feature you requested. So I will definitely add this to my queue, but considering that this isn’t my day job and I’ve had very little free time lately – I can’t commit to when it will be done.

    Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you and thanks again for sending your suggestion. I appreciate it.

  22. Hi Amit,
    I was actually looking for another app and found yours and think it is a good idea. I also see your last post about reply-to-SMS and maybe it is similar to what I was really looking for: when I’m on a call and someone else calls me, I’d like to push a button that stops notifying me of the call but also immediately sends them a text message telling them a pre-configured message, hopefully before they leave a voicemail. My friend’s phone does this but I cannot find an android app. Perhaps one of your apps does or will?
    Appreciate your time to respond.

  23. Hi J,

    First, Thank you very much for writing. Second, I totally
    understand… when I get another call I also hope that the caller
    won’t leave a message in my voicemail :)

    Unfortunately I don’t think Dindy will ever be your solution. Dindy is for when you leave your phone by itself and do something else, like sleep or drive or participate in a meeting. I think one app that does what you’re looking for is PhonePlus Callback
    but note that I’ve never tried it so I can’t vouch for its functionality or its quality.

    Also, while I’m working on reply-to-SMS for Dindy, it will take a while because defining that feature so it’ll be useful isn’t easy.

    Hope you find what you’re looking for. Thanks again for writing.

  24. I have tried Dindy on 2 Motorola Droid X phones and the app will not send an SMS message out after an incoming call. I have Enable SMS reply to call checked, Enable SMS reply to SMS check. I start the profile but it will not send SMS message out. Thanks.

  25. Hi Mark,

    Here are the most common reasons why an SMS message isn’t sent:
    1. The SMS message exceeds your network limits. Maybe even try a very short message just to make sure. Unfortunately the default messages Dindy comes with are too long for some networks (I will change that in
    one of the future updates) and that causes them not to be sent.
    2. The caller is not listed as a mobile number in your contacts list.
    Contacts that aren’t listed as mobile are treated according to the settings “Non-mobile caller” and “Unknown caller” of the active profile.
    3. If you use any task managers/killers, see that Dindy is exempt from
    being killed.

    Unfortunately I don’t have a Droid X to test on, but I did try Dindy on the emulators provided by Motorola to make sure it works on their phones. The emulators are not the same as a real phone but this is the best I can do.

    Sorry that Dindy isn’t working for you and thanks again for writing me
    about this.

    Kind regards,

  26. Greetings!
    Thank you for making this app, it is just what I need. I’m a single dad who works nightshifts and before this I had two phones; one regular that I turned silent during my daytime-sleep and one emergency-phone for the daycare-people to call if something happened to my son. Now I don’t need the emergency-phone anymore! :-D

    One bug report: The phone vibrates when it recieves an sms in silent mode, even though I turned ring and vibrate off for the first event.

    Dindy works just fine for me, but if I should wish me something it would be:

    * That you included an alarm-function, so that I just turn Dindy on, chooses the time and when the time is out, the alarm wakes me.

    * A first-call option to transfer unknown and non-mobile callers to my voicemail, so I can “tell” them what to do.

    * An option to send an sms to unknown texters as well

    Thank you for making my life a little bit easier!! :-D

    SE X10 Mini, JIT enabled with Handcent, Youlu, z4root &…. DINDY

  27. Thanks for the app, Amit.

    Maybe what Randika (above, Feb 10, 2010) meant by ‘default call screen’ is similar to the issue I’m having trouble with. There doesn’t seem to be a way to set a profile as the ‘default,’ meaning that it is in place when everything else has stopped. I keep walking around with no Dindy profile set because they all quit. I want one that will take up when nothing else is in place.

    Am I missing something?


  28. Hi Tom,

    I’ve never thought about this idea of a default profile. Dindy was
    originally meant to be used as a “smart silent mode” which you use
    temporarily in meetings or during the night and not to be always

    Right now the only way to set a default profile is to use apps like
    Tasker or Locale (which cost money) that can operate Dindy according
    to specific conditions. While Dindy supports both Locale and Tasker,
    I’ve never used them extensively myself so I don’t know if this will
    answer your needs.

    As for developing a “default profile” option, unfortunately I won’t be
    able to do this anytime soon. There are already some other issues that
    need to be solved, and Dindy is a kind of a hobby that I haven’t had
    time to mess with lately. But I’ll keep this idea in mind and someday,
    if I implement it, I’ll write you again.

    Thank you very much for writing. I’m glad to hear you find Dindy useful.

  29. First of all, thanks for an interesting and handy app. For me it seems to work just fine, but I have one (silly) question. The help text refer to “Dindy’s behavior for mobile contacts without an SMS reply”, but it don’t explain what kind of behavior this is.

  30. Hi Mattias,

    First, thank you very much for the feedback. It’s nice to get good feedback once in a while :)

    You asked what “Dindy’s behavior for mobile contacts without an SMS reply” means. This option is available for people who are not known mobile callers/texters and it means that Dindy will behave as if the person is a mobile caller or texter but won’t send the SMS reply after the first event. So, for example, if the same person calls you twice then Dindy will ring on the second time (assuming that this is what you wanted Dindy to do) even though the person didn’t get the SMS after the first call. The same goes for a person who texts you and then calls.

    This feature was requested by one of the users and I thought it was a good idea if someone is trying to call you several times from a phone you’re not familiar with.

    I hope this clarifies the setting.

    Thanks again for writing

  31. Thank you for making the app!
    For me. The app works fine.
    I guess there is some bugs using in gingerbread firmware.
    After Dindy replied with SMS automatically. Then, when I stop profile, the system remains silent(not vibrate for mine).
    And I should change some options using other app(e.g. sound manager).
    Because the system preference only changes “rington vibration” option, not “notification vibration” option.

    Thank you again for the app.

  32. Hi YDG,

    First, thank you very much for the kind words.

    As for the issue when the phone stays silent even after you stop Dindy – this might mean that Dindy is killed while running. If you’re using any task manager – please try to exemt Dindy from being killed. If this is not the case (so you don’t have any task managers installed) I recommend you stop using Dindy because if Dindy crashes in the background this may mean that you will miss important calls.

  33. Hi Amit,

    You work is amazing!! None of other app can do what you are bringing with Dindy, I’m so happy having found it !

    Actually, I have the same problem than YDG. I don’t use any task manager, but I noticed that when Dindy is running and the phone has rebooted, Dindy will affect the settings of the phone: it will loose the vibrations on notifications (SMS/MMS, apps, etc… but not phone call) permanently. Until using Easy Profiles (the only one profile manager able to control the “vibration on notification ON/OFF”) or Sound Manager as YDG says, to recover the vibrations on notifications.

    This is a real problem for some Samsung phones that automatically and randomly reboot sometime (problems of RAM, Android version, etc.):

    This is happening to me during the night, after what I’m loosing my vibrations.

    As I’m a real fan of your Dindy app and cannot use something else, I really wish to find an issue to this problem … :-)

    Thanks again Amit !

  34. Hi Pierre,

    Thank you very much for the kind words and for writing me. I’m glad to hear Dindy is (generally) working well for you.

    As for the reboot issue: I realize that your phone reboots unexpectedly, but Dindy requires being stopped before the phone is shut down. The thing is that there is nothing I can do about it even if I wanted to. Since these reboots are not orderly – Dindy doesn’t get a notification that the phone is being rebooted and so it cannot revert sound and vibration back to the settings that existed before it was started.

    I’m sorry that I can’t do much more about this, and I’m also surprised an update hasn’t been issued by Samsung to solve this problem.

  35. Hi,

    I love your app. and have used it with Locale successfully for ages. But recently I upgraded locale and dindy and now locale no longer controls dindy.

    I can use dindy stand alone. I tried deleting and re-adding all my dindy settings in locale, but it didn’t work.

    Any ideas?



  36. Hi Martin,

    Thank you very much for notifying me about this issue and for the kind words.

    Dindy is not really under active development anymore, but in the upcoming days I will try to find out whether this is a Dindy issue or a change that was made in Locale and now requires Dindy to change too. If possible, I will make the change and post an update. I just can’t really commit to a date right now.

    Thanks again,

  37. Hi Amit,

    I purchased Dindy when the Nexus One came out and it worked great.

    I completelty forgot about it till recently and now i am using a Galaxy S 2 on Android 2.3.6 and i install and set up the app but it doesn’t work, no SMS reply and no ringing on second call.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated



  38. Hi Dušan,

    I’ve heard that the Galaxy S 2 has problems with running Dindy, but unfortunately have never had the chance to debug it on that phone (for that I need someone to lend me his/her phone to attach to my computer and see what’s going on.)

    Also, lately I’ve had no time to invest in Dindy, so this issue will remain unsolved for the foreseeable future.

    I’m sorry that I don’t have a better answer for you. I will gladly refund your purchase if you’d like me to.

    Thanks for writing me about it.

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