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אנ-וולופ – משתלם בשמחות

אנ-וולופ (Unvelope) הוא שירות שאני מעורב באופן חלקי בפיתוח שלו. בבסיסו השירות מאפשר לאורחים בשמחות לתת את המתנה באמצעות כרטיס אשראי, אפילו בתשלומים! כדי להשלים את החבילה, אנ-וולופ גם נותן שירותים של אישורי הגעה, ניווט לאירוע, תזכורות ובקרוב גם סידורי ישיבה. היום אנ-וולופ הופיע פעם ראשונה בתקשורת. הנה הוידאו: לפרטים נוספים בקרו באתר הבית.

Playrock Is No More

My two partners and I decided to close down Blenure, the company we set up to create Playrock, our mobile, social and local gaming network and infrastructure. Our failure to execute taught me a lot, so while it’s a shame it didn’t work out for us, I’m happy that we gave it a shot, and […]

Happy Birthday To Me. I’m 36

When I look at last year’s birthday post I realize how quickly time has passed. It’s like I wrote it yesterday. Compared to last year, 36 doesn’t come with thoughts about choices, but with a look to the future. It’s been two years now working on Playrock. We released as beta without advertising and are […]

New Playrock Movie

We created another movie for Playrock. This one is aimed more at investors and developers, not users, to better understand what we do.

Sometimes Select Is Broken

Coding Horror’s first rule of programming is “It’s Always Your Fault”. I’m a big believer in this rule. That’s why I was so surprised to find a bug in GCC 4.7.2 that turned out to be real and not just a fragment of my imagination. I’m also surprised no one else reported it earlier. I […]

We Released Playrock

To those of you who have been wondering what I’ve been doing over the past 18 months, I finally have something to show for all this time. We released Playrock, which is “a social gaming network where you can play with people who are next to you. Players can instantly create their own virtual spaces, […]

What Should I Do If My Windows Desktop Is Gone And Ctrl-Alt-Del Shows A Black Screen?

Symptoms: There are no icons nor a taskbar on the desktop and when you try Ctrl-Alt-Del you see a black screen. Solution: Turn on or disconnect the extra monitor you have either added or mis-configured recently. PEBKAC

How To Restart Ubuntu Audio

Sometimes I have issues with audio on my Ubuntu installation, usually after some rogue Flash applet destroys it (don’t ask me why.) What works for me is the following: $ pulseaudio -k After I do that pulseaudio restarts itself, but in case there is no audio you can try to followup with: $ pulseaudio Use […]

Dindy Is Now Open Source

Dindy’s decline in user base and my lack of time to invest in it prompted me to make it an open source project. Dindy is now hosted on GitHub where anyone can fork it and make their own versions, including all the features I refused to add such as a whitelist and a blacklist.

Stack Overflow Careers 2.0 Inivitations

I have 5 invitations to Stack Overflow Careers 2.0. If you are: interested in an invitation a friend of mine actually planning to use this service!! send me an email and I’ll invite you.