Idea: Using Cheap VR To Fight Phobias

This isn’t a new idea. Virtual Reality has been and is being used to treat phobias (for example here), placing patients in virtual environments that mimic the real life situations they fear the most.

Now that we have Google Cardboard, which uses a smartphone along with a cheap cardboard contraption, providing such a solution is as simple as taking a photo sphere image and loading it in Cardboard.

I thought about doing something in that direction, like an open source app, but it seems like most of the work is professional photography along with psychiatric consulting (to get the scenes right) so I gave this one up.

Happy Birthday To Me. I’m 38

Wow, this year I was too busy working and celebrating my birthday to write about it. So this is 2 days late.

I’m very happy this time round. It’s a year of many new beginnings. I hope to write about them soon, but in short:

  • There’s someone new in my life who’s making me very happy.
  • I started a new job.
  • A new Prodigy album is coming out. While this doesn’t seem like a life event, it’s actually the rarest event of the three :)

So things are very good and I’m very happy. I hope it will continue to be this way throughout the year.

The Day Is My Enemy Is The Next Prodigy Album

6 years in the making, we’re finally getting a new album from The Prodigy.


A photo posted by The Prodigy official (@theprodigyofficial) on

You can imagine my excitement. The album will be out March 30th this year, and the first single, Nasty, is expected to be out this month.

Can’t wait!

UPDATE – Track list also published:

  1. The Day is My Enemy
  2. Nasty
  3. Rebel Radio
  4. Ibiza feat. Sleaford Mods
  5. Destroy
  6. Wild Frontier
  7. Rok-Weiler
  8. Beyond the Deathray
  9. Rhythm Bomb feat. Flux Pavilion
  10. Roadblox
  11. Get Your Fight On
  12. Medicine
  13. Invisible Sun
  14. Wall Of Death


שנינו טיילנו בעולם
ראינו מקומות
אבל כל זה לא ממש חשוב
כי איתך
הייתי רוצה לראות אותם שוב

אז בואי נטייל באיטליה
נטפס על המון בלאן
נקפא קצת מקור באיסלנד
ונקפוץ לארגנטינה
כבדרך אגב
אולי גם על חוף בתאילנד
נקבל עיסוי גב

האמת שהמקום לא ממש חשוב
הוא משנה ממש מעט
אם בכל היעדים אנחנו יחד
כי היעד שלי זו את

Comment Spam

Comment spam seems to be on the rise. So much so that my hosting service completely removed this site to avoid hurting other shared hosting instances.

I was forced to disable comments on posts older than 30 days and on the 2 pages in this blog. It’s a shame, but I wanted the blog to be back up.