My 16th Prodigy Show – Tel-Aviv, Israel

Two weeks ago I got to walk to a Prodigy concert from home. Walk! It’s almost inconceivable to me after having to fly out to most of the gigs I went to. This one was special, too – I managed to get around 20 people to come with me (one of them is my older brother who is responsible for my Prodigy craze)

At the end of the gig I could barely walk after jumping around so much. Even the band said it was a good one themselves:

Tel aviv u rocked ! Best gig we played in a while , respect to all the people who made it great. And look , a tree even turned up to see us play !………..

Here are some pictures with friends from the gig:

Stratoscale friends

And some good videos (by other people):

The Prodigy Are Coming To Israel (For Real This Time)

Those of you who know me can probably guess how excited I am about this.

If you want to come with me to enjoy an award winning, extremely energetic live act that is The Prodigy, here’s a link to buy tickets.

And if you’re unsure about going – let’s talk about it. I’m sure I can convince you :)

Vanunu Ethno-Jazz Ensemble

Vanunu Ethno-Jazz Ensemble

Nieces And Nefews

Happy Birthday To Me. I’m 37

This birthday comes when I’m relatively happy, but it follows a few not-so-great months. The past year had its ups and downs.

We closed Playrock. Following that I started looking for a job outside of Israel, but instead opted to take a job at an Isareli startup. That may have been my biggest mistake of the year. My experience in that company wasn’t good and I switched jobs again. I’m sorry that I didn’t follow through with moving abroad, mainly because it would have saved me a lot of grief, both professional and personal. I take comfort in the fact that I’m enjoying my current place of work (Stratoscale) a lot.

Other than that, I became involved in a side project, Unvelope (Hebrew link), which I hope will do well.

I also had a short relationship that didn’t turn out well at all.

I saw The Prodigy twice – in June and very recently on New Year’s eve. That’s always a good thing :)

I’m still running (outside) twice a week. I feel healthy and in that sense things are fine.

To sum up, quite a lot happened this year. I hope I’ll be mostly happy this year and maybe to accomplish something meaningful.

Before An Important Meeting

Ace Wants Some Attention

My 15th Prodigy Show – New Year’s Eve, O2 Arena, London

That was a great one. Exactly at midnight The Prodigy came on stage and gave a great gig. Not much to say about it that I haven’t said before. My favorite of the new tracks played is Get Your Fight On, but there isn’t a decent enough recording of it yet.

First Vine Post – Going Back To Work After A Not-So-Great Weekend

אנ-וולופ – משתלם בשמחות


אנ-וולופ (Unvelope) הוא שירות שאני מעורב באופן חלקי בפיתוח שלו. בבסיסו השירות מאפשר לאורחים בשמחות לתת את המתנה באמצעות כרטיס אשראי, אפילו בתשלומים! כדי להשלים את החבילה, אנ-וולופ גם נותן שירותים של אישורי הגעה, ניווט לאירוע, תזכורות ובקרוב גם סידורי ישיבה.

היום אנ-וולופ הופיע פעם ראשונה בתקשורת. הנה הוידאו:

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